Templates for Letters

Change of Placement Request – Full credit to nichcy.org.

FERPA Request – Requesting your child’s records.

FERPA Initial Request – Requesting records for the very first time!

FOIA Request – Sample letter used in CT

Follow up Letter -Full credit to nichcy.org.

Gebser Letter – Credit to the late Reed Martin, Esq.

IEP_Proposal_Matrix – Credit to Gerri Fleming, Advocate http://www.ctadvocacy.com

Initial Evaluation for Special Education Services – Full credit to nichcy.org.

Meeting to Review the IEP  – Full credit to nichcy.org.

Independent Educational Evaluation at District Expense – Full credit to nichcy.org.

Parent Concerns Template – submitted by parents for an IEP meeting

Positive Feedback Letter  – Full credit to nichcy.org.

Preparation for the IEP Meeting

Reading Evaluation Request -Reading Evaluation Request with definitions of reading. Credit to wrightslaw.com for this letter.

Ten Day Notice – Full credit to nichcy.org.

Ten Day Notice – another sample letter

Transition Skills Check List – Transition Checklist

Writing to Discuss a Problem – Full credit to nichcy.org.

Articles on Letter Writing:

The Art of Writing Letters by Pamela Wright, MA, MSW
More Resources for sample letters:

Sample letters from the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan:  http://www.studentadvocacycenter.org/create-a-letter/

http://www.bridges4kids.org/IEP/FBAPBSsample.html – Requesting a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA)

http://www.bridges4kids.org/IEP/NoRestraintLetter.html – Requesting no restraints

http://www.bridges4kids.org/IEP/Placement.html#ltr – Requesting the IEP team to discuss change of placement.

http://www.bridges4kids.org/IEP/MusicTherapy.html – Requesting music therapy

http://www.bridges4kids.org/misc/OrgSkillsLtr.html – Requesting an evaluation of a child’s organizational skills